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沿於1981 年,法國人馬塞爾.拉雅布先生創辦出”AROMA VERA純真香薰”, 决定向全球傳遞 “真正的香薰治療” 這個信念。Aroma Vera已有三十年歷史,業務更遍佈香港、中國、台灣、東南亞各地;除了提供香薰及天然產品外,還為客戶提供一站式服務,度身訂造獨有香味系統或香薰產品。

A message from Our Founder – Marcel Lavabre

Born in the lavender fields in Southern France, I gave up the safety of a university career to go back to my roots and explore an arduous but rewarding herbal trail. For 7 years, I collected herbs and distilled their precious oils, I spent my summers in remote mountain areas of Provence, completely immersed in the universe of plants, harvesting wild Lavender, Rosemary, Savory & Thyme. I gathered invaluable knowledge over the years, gaining first-hand experience of essential oils and plants, learning aromatherapy from the practitioners in the fields and from the herbs themselves. When I founded Aroma Vera in 1981, my goal was to utilize my years of experience with herbs to create products that will not only give you great results, but that you will also enjoy using day after day. Over the years, the Aroma Vera line has grown to be the most comprehensive aromatherapy line available in the market. Our formulae are based on a deeply rooted environmental commitment. All our ingredients are derived from safe, renewable resources. They contain no animal ingredients, and have not been tested on animals. Simple but attractive packaging made from recycled or recyclable materials is used. The Aroma Vera line has pioneered the essential oil since 1981. The line has been known over the years for integrity, creativity and quality


This practical guide to the use of essential oils, prepared by Marcel Lavabre, covers the history, folklore, science and art of Aromatherapy, addressing the subject in the most extensive way possible today. It describes more than seventy essential oils, classified by botanical families, with a detailed list of the specific attributes delving into their energetic and spiritual properties.

The author explores the origins and applications of this ancient healing art within classical civilizations, tracing the medical, alchemical, and spiritual roots of Aromatherapy to modern times. It shows how to use the essences of the appropriate plants for beauty, cleansing and healing of the body, as well as massages, aromatic baths and ritual and spiritual practices.

The mysteries of the olfactory system are explained, together with the powerful influence of aroma on our mental state, emotions and sexuality. The various extraction methods are covered in detail and there is also a special section dedicated to the art of mixing. Specific formulas are also given for common diseases such as digestive and circulatory disorders, headaches, menstrual and sexual problems, and insomnia. An extensive reference table is included that provides the reader with concise information on each of the essential oils and their respective therapeutic uses.

Aromatherapy Workbook, first published in 1990, is an essential guide to the history, folklore, science, and practice of aromatherapy. It features more than seventy essential oils classified by botanical family with detailed discussions of their specific actions, along with unique insights into their energetic and spiritual properties. This revised edition incorporates the latest biochemical research with the spiritual and psychological understanding of essential oils.

Author Marcel Lavabre, a founder of the American Aromatherapy Association, explains the mysterious and powerful influence of scent on our mental state, emotion, and sexuality. He discusses the various methods of extraction, devotes a special section to the art of blending, and presents specific formulas for disorders such as digestive and circulatory ailments, headaches, insomnia, and menstrual problems. Aromatherapy Workbook is an ideal guide for beginners as well as a reference for practitioners.

• More than 90,000 copies sold.• Easy-to-follow illustrated reference for beginners. • A desk resource and teaching tool for practicing aromatherapists. 

Ms. Iris Ho 何黃婉貞

Director Mrs. Iris Ho

Certified Aroma-therapist (accredited by FLEUR) is a pioneer in the beauty industry, brought Aroma Vera to Hong Kong in 1990. Contributor on aromatherapy & well-being articles in many beauty & spa industry trade magazines.

公司董事 Ms. Iris Ho 高贍遠矚,把美國著名品牌 “AROMA VERA純真香薰”引入香港幷建立 “純真香薰國際有限公司”,暢銷超過二十年,可謂本港美容界的先驅。同時,為香港美容專業雜誌撰寫專欄多時,得到業界廣泛認同。


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