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運送 Shipping & Delivery

如購物金額為$500以下, 客人自付順豐運費。
凡顧客購物滿$500或以上, 客人免順豐運費。

【香港以外買家】 運費需另行報價

Hong Kong local buyers
* If the purchase amount is less than $ 500, the customer pays SF freight.
* Free SF shipping for customers who spend $ 500 or more.

Buyers outside Hong Kong
* Shipping charges need to be quoted separately


Aroma Vera 純真香薰致力為你提供優質產品,如閣下對所購買貨品有任何不滿,經確奉還。你可以在收貨日期起7天内,退換你在本網站上購買的產品。我們保證退換或原銀奉還。

Aroma Vera is committed to providing you with high-quality products. If you are dissatisfied with the goods you purchased, we will return them. You can return products purchased on this website within 7 days from the date of receipt. We guarantee exchange or refund.

退換貨條件 Return Standard

製造方面的問題/ 物流問題/ 購買錯誤/ 瑕疵和產品品質問題


– 已收貨/取貨超過7天
– 產品已開封(如產品品質出現問題,將不受此限)
– 產品已被使用超過該產品容量之10%
– 任何免費贈品及試用裝禮品
– 個人原因如皮膚敏感或重複購買

Manufacturing issues / Logistics issues / Purchase errors / Defects and product quality issues
Please note that the following situations will not be arranged for exchange, please forgive me:

– Received / Picked up more than 7 days
-The product has been opened (If there is a problem with the product quality, it will not be subject to this limit.)
– The product has been used in excess of 10% of its capacity
– Any freebie and trial gift
– Personal reasons such as sensitive skin or repeated purchases

備註 Remarks


The customer must present the relevant document number. If you are not a member of the company and purchased the product at the store, you must present the original of the relevant document

退貨流程 Return Procedure


If your order needs to be returned, please ensure that your order meets the return and exchange standards. You can choose to return on the online consultation or telephone service hotline. After we receive your returned product and confirm that it meets the return conditions, we will use Need to arrange a refund as soon as possible.

換貨流程 Exchange


If you need to exchange, please contact our WHATSAPP customer service within 7 days of receiving the product.
The new products will be sent to the shipping address of the original order or adjacent to SF Store. Customers can also choose to return the products to Fotan Showroom.

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