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the Art of Scents

快來發現您的綠洲。 擺脫壓力和每天周圍的有害因素從未如此簡單!
ome and discover your oasis. It has never been easier to take a break from stress and the harmful factors that surround you every day!

the Art of Scents

Bath and Body

Every bathing gives the body and mind a treatment for relaxation and recovery.

Bath and Body

Essential oil

It is derived from 100% natural extract, precious drops, and treated with nature as the body.

Essential oil
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香薰消毒防禦套裝 Aroma Sanitizing Set

純真香薰噴香機-座枱式 (銀色鋁金屬機身) 配香薰消毒擴香油 100ml

適合家居,會所, 美容院, 零售店等


$2,210.00 $1,680.00

肩頸按摩套裝 -淋巴疏通按摩油 + 按摩滾輪 Back Neck Massage Set (折價券不適用)

刺激淋巴系统, 排出多水分, 舒緩肩頸疲勞。

精油成分: 杜松精油 , 天竺葵油 , 西柚精油。

$796.00 $598.00

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With over 100 essential oil choices, we offer all sorts of synergy essential oil, massage oil and aroma, together with specially formulated skincare, body care ranges. Aroma Vera aims to offer the best holistic spa experience to our customers, taking care of our customers from head to toe.


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