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純真非常榮幸地宣佈: 我們的芳療產品系列現已正式登陸香港四季酒店 , 大家可在四季酒店6/F 的The Spa 選購到Aroma Vera皇牌的芳療產品。


除了我們的複方精油及擴香儀套裝, 也會有現時必備的 #免觸式護手消毒儀 及#呼吸草本滾珠油禮盒裝。當然我們備受商務客戶愛戴的最新精油擴香瓶系列 – #植物交響曲 Botanic Symphony 也會一起在The Spa與大家見面。


We proudly announce Aroma Vera’s aromatherapy series is now launched at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong – The Spa for retail purchase, located on the 6th floor.


Apart from our all-time favorite synergy essential oils and wireless diffuser set, the Herbal Breathing Roller Box, Touch-free Hand Sanitizers and of course our newest Botanic Symphony Reed Diffuser Series are all available now at The Spa.


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